Confession! I did something I vowed I never would never do and… it worked!

Fitness and Health as the Conduit for Change

In 2012, I officially started a life coaching business, EmpowerHouse Fitness, that utilizes fitness and health as the conduit for change. During this same time period and for the following next few years, I competed in three National Physique Committee (NPC) shows in the category’s of Bikini and Figure. See my last blog post for my first experience with competing. 

Over the years, it has always been my intent to practice what I teach to my clients, which includes primarily consuming whole and organic foods and not eating in excess. Since I am the coach, I had expectations of myself based on what I knew was possible for me. I had followed a strict eating regimen while competing and in my mind,  thought I could continue to maintain the same practices. The truth?? I couldn’t! Not entirely! I found that I would often consume an excess of peanut butter or trail mix which resulted in not obtaining the body / aesthetic results I desired and this left me feeling defeated.

Here is what I’ve Learned…

Here is what I’ve learned through this journey. When we tell the mind it can’t have something or something is bad, scarcity is created. Scarcity often begets overeating or binge eating. Psychologically we can only sustain “dieting” for so long before we “reward” ourselves via a binge. This affect causes  “yo-yo” dieting and fuels the multiple Billion dollar diet industry. 

My Secret…

My 35 day body transformation secret! Shhhh…. tell EVERYONE!

After struggling with my weight and sticking to my meal plan over the past year, I decided to give Herbalife  a try! I had made a few friends who were Herbalife users that were super fit and positive. Opinions of a product or company are one thing, but the results I was consistently seeing showed me that my opinions were not based on facts. Results don’t lie! You see, previous to this point, I had written off Herbalife off as expensive junk products that had a great marketing scheme. Desperate and feeling stuck with my excess body fat and hormone irregularities, I figured what was the worst that could happen if I gave Herbalife an honest, all in, 30 day trial?

The Outcome…

The shakes were delicious! Like real ice cream delicious, not some knock off weird tasting version! Not knowing the results I’d get, if any, I committed to taking the shakes daily. What I found was a #gamechanger !!! Herbalife shakes took care of me mentally as I felt like I was having a treat and therefore the mindset of scarcity dissipated. The result? I immediately stopped eating peanut butter and trail mix, which likely reduced my calorie intake by 500 to 1000! I simply didn’t need or want them as a palate soother anymore. The other thing that occurred is that the shakes filled me up and left me feeling satisfied! Lastly… the results speak for them self! ( See my 12, 28, & 35 day progress pics). The only thing I changed in the 35 day timeframe was adding Herbalife products. Every other aspect of my regimen remained unchanged! I have been an avid gym goer, 4-6 times per week, for the past five years.


I now have incorporated other Herbalife products, including the shakes, and find my results just keep getting better and quickly! I have also recommended the shakes to some of my life coaching clients as I believe they can benefit as well. 

In short, for me the winning formula has been whole foods PLUS Herbalife products!

Want to give the products a try? Order them via this link by clicking on the “Join Herbalife” button and selecting “apply now” and registering as either a Preferred Member or Distributor. 

List of my go-to products: 

  • Meal Replacement Shake – Formula 1 + Protein Drink Mix [Fav flavors – F1: Chocolate Chip Mint, Banana Carmel, and Dulce de Leche. Protein Drink Mix in Vanilla]
  • Tea concentrate – I like chai & raspberry. I’ve stopped coffee as a result of taking the tea.
  • Aloe (for digestion) – I like the mango & mandarin. These have a sweetness to them so I use this to sweeten my tea. 
  • Cell-u-loss – a mild dietetic to help with water retention. 
  • SKIN collagen beauty booster in strawberry lemonade. In searching the net, I’ve found that there are so many benefits to adding collagen to your diet!

Herbalife Products

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